Reflections … our clients have the final word

“I wanted you to know that the Foot Reflexology treatment and the Facelift Rejuvenation treatment I had with you soothed my tired body. My feet felt soft after the warm pre-treatment soak and flexible after the Reflexology treatment. My tense face muscles felt relaxed and my skin felt clean and soft. You have healing hands, and you certainly have the ability to create a peaceful and warm atmosphere – thanks for your care. I will certainly recommend your treatments to others.”

“Just a note to say how much I enjoyed my experience at PrairieChic Wellness. I find the Reflexology treatments to be both relaxing and energizing; the environment you have created is so peaceful and calming. The results of the Facelift Massage are truly amazing and instantly visible. My visits are an oasis of tranquility in an otherwise busy schedule. Thanks again and see you soon.”

“You have a magical touch … loved the Thai Foot Massage and Reiki Treatments, thanks so much.”

“The treatments I have experienced at PrairieChic Wellness are truly amazing. Not only did I feel a sense of calmness while in the treatment, but I also enjoyed a surge of energy afterwards. To be able to be so relaxed after a stressful and hectic day is wonderful. Thank you.”

“I have never had a Reflexology treatment that was so completely restorative before, from the lovely energy you exude to your depth of skill and professionalism. It was a truly wonderful treatment for both mind and body. Right from the moment I stepped into your serene and comfortable place, all senses were engaged in an afternoon I can only describe as transporting. Your extremely high level of cleanliness and attention to detail were evident in all aspects of my visit. I highly recommend your treatments and only wish I lived closer to you. Thanks again.”