Our Policies … to ensure you have a pleasant and relaxing experience

handsBe considerate of others – all treatment(s) require 24 hours (one full day) notice for any cancellation. For any scheduled appointment where the client did not provide the required cancellation time, we reserve the right to charge the full fee of the reserved treatment(s).

We suggest you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled treatment(s) in order to prepare and relax. Treatment times can’t be extended to accommodate late arrivals, and treatments with an abbreviated timeframe, due to a late arrival, will be charged the full rate.

We reserve the right to refuse treatments to anyone, without a refund, for any use of inappropriate language or actions.

You should not have treatments when you:

  • have an active infection, an eye/gum/tooth infection or toothache, or have a contagious skin disorder e.g., herpes/cold sores, athlete’s foot
  • have a serious medical condition/undergoing medical treatment
  • have a temperature or fever

Please note this list highlights a few examples when treatment(s) is/are not recommended, it is by no means comprehensive. Should you have any medical concern/ conditions, are on medications, or are pregnant, please consult a physician before your treatment(s). In fact, you should always consult your physician before any treatment(s).

Our treatments are recognized by various organizations, including the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada Association (Reflexology, Reiki), the Canadian Reiki Association, the Reflexology Association of Canada, the Reflexology Association of America, and the Complementary Medicine Association (Britain).

There are health insurance plans that may cover some holistic treatments, so check with your provider.