PrairieChic Wellness offers the following non-invasive therapy treatments that support health and well-being:

Facelift Massage – an invigorating facelift massage that incorporates principles of Swedish massage techniques, acupressure, and relaxation 50 minutes $65.
Reflexology (Foot/Hand/Ear) – a natural therapy dating back to the Egyptians—virtually every culture has made use of the benefits of reflexology—which applies pressure to areas of the foot (or hand or ear, depending on choice) to provide therapeutic relaxation


 50 minutes $60.


 50 minutes $50.


 40 minutes $40.
Champissage – massaging the scalp, neck, shoulders, upper back, and upper arms, Champissage has a balancing effect on the recipient and can promote a sense of well-being  45 minutes $50.
Reiki – a gentle energy therapy that facilitates energy flow to the body, to help support good health 1 hour $50.
Shirodhara – a blend of Tibetan massage treatments to the feet, abdomen, hands, and scalp all lead to anointing the forehead with a fine stream of warm oil that can help recharge the body, and offer a quiet space to experience our true selves 1.5 hours $100.
Prairie Crocus Signature Package – this signature package includes a Champissage Treatment and Ear Reflexology Treatment 1.5 hours $80.
Tall Grass Prairie Signature Package – this signature package includes a Facelift Massage Treatment and a Foot Reflexology Treatment 2 hours $95.
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We accept the following forms of payment:
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